Dark Passenger
Dark Passenger


14 June 2017

Drive By Hero release date and new forum

Drive By Hero will be released in Early Access the 19 June 2017.


We have also released our first devlog related to DBH in our forum !

Idea Cabin's forum


22 May 2017

Drive By Hero coming soon to Steam

12 May 2017

Employee Recycling Center coming soon !

Steam store page : http://store.steampowered.com/app/629030/Employee_Recycling_Center/


24 April 2017

End of  Dark Passenger early access


Dark Passenger early access will end the 26 April 2017



03 April 2017

Dark Passenger on Steam !

16 March 2017

Dark Passenger coming soon to Steam!

15 February 2017

New project and development process


The new concept is already on development. See some details on the forum!



7 February 2017

New idea for a new concept


We are already thinking about a new concept for a new game! If you want to know more about this new idea and send us feedback about it, it's here!



31 January 2017

Idea Cabin has now its Forum!


Already played the game? Join the community on the new Forum!

You can find the forum on the link below or clicking on the button on the left.



Dark Passenger Trailer

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